What Are Google Hangouts Extension And App?

hangoutextensionThere are many extensions and app that you can use with Google Chrome. This article will let you know some of the best Google Chrome extensions that you can use. Gmail Notifier: This add-on has gained popularity for being simple and this one adds a tiny Gmail icon to your toolbar which shows the number of unopened messages available in your inbox. Just a click on the button will open your inbox in another tab.

Google+ Notifier: Google+ Notifier provides the extension that can be used to notify you about your social interactions. It adds the famous “bell” icon that you will see in the Chrome toolbar. In case that you have some new notifications, it will be grey and then an instant click would show the latest comments.

Google Hangouts: Google Hangouts is here to make conversations more enjoyable than before with images, emoji, and video calls for free. Google Hangouts bring 1-on-1 and group conversations and with this, you can easily connect and start conversations with your friends and loved ones by using your computer, Apple and Android devices.

Group conversations were made better than before. You can now use this to send emoji or photos when users are engaged in Google Hangout and you can also message your friends anytime even when they are not connected by the time you are online. Video calls can make Google Hangouts more enjoyable. Turn any conversation in a video call with as many as ten people. Your friends can make use of it as it is compatible on Android, Apple and computers so that you can connect with everybody.

Google Hangouts comes with two apps and these are the Er one App & one Extension. These two require the Google Chrome Browser. On the other hand, you do not have to open this browser when you don’t want as well. You could create a shortcut for the app and then the extension loads within the system tray. When you want Google Hangouts within the system tray and a more standard instant messaging close to Google Talk, you check out the Google Hangouts extension. You have to use one at a time when you want to try them both.

Ensure that you’ve continue running the background applications when Google Chrome is closed. You can check this in Google Chrome Browser settings. The app and extension do have the option that you can use to position them not on top in their respective settings. The Google Hangouts extension has been updated to match the app, you will find it a little more functional compared to Chrome app. You may also make use of Google Hangouts in Gmail and Google+ site also.

The Difference between Google Hangouts App VS Extension

An extension is running within the sidebar just in the same way with the app Google Effects and the main application is running within the central region of Google Hangout. In some other ways, you will surely find them the same and they have access to similar APIs and both of them are present in the application toolbar.