What is Google Hangout?

Google Hangout is the communication platform that was created and developed by Google that includes video chat, instant messaging, VOIP and SMS features. It replaces 3 messaging products which Google has implemented contemporaneously in its services which include Google+ Messenger, Google Talk, and Hangouts, the video chat system that is available in Google+. Google also stated that Google Hangouts is intended to be the future of the telephony product of it, which is none other than Google Voice and some features of Google Voice were integrated in Hangouts. In the recent editions of Android, Hangouts has been the default application when it comes to text messaging.

Getting Started: How to Use Google Hangout

The latest and newly features of Google Hangouts necessitate at least Android 4.0 and the update to Hangouts mobile application. Here are the most enjoyable things that you can do with Google Hangouts:

What Are Google Hangouts Extension And App?

hangoutextensionThere are many extensions and app that you can use with Google Chrome. This article will let you know some of the best Google Chrome extensions that you can use. Gmail Notifier: This add-on has gained popularity for being simple and this one adds a tiny Gmail icon to your toolbar which shows the number of unopened messages available in your inbox. Just a click on the button will open your inbox in another tab.

Google+ Notifier: Google+ Notifier provides the extension that can be used to notify you about your social interactions. It adds the famous “bell” icon that you will see in the Chrome toolbar. In case that you have some new notifications, it will be grey and then an instant click would show the latest comments.

Google Hangouts: Google Hangouts is here to make conversations more enjoyable than before with images, emoji, and video calls for free. Google Hangouts bring 1-on-1 and group conversations and with this, you can easily connect and start conversations with your friends and loved ones by using your computer, Apple and Android devices.

Find and search for your hangout channel

howhangoutsworkGoogle HangOuts are video conferencing with up to ten people in the room. They’re pretty incredible to experience when you have that many because they’re ‘real time’. And it really feels like a new form of communication. So let me just begin by showing you where the buttons are. So on this side bar here, if you look you go to more and very often you’re going to find that the hangouts will be here but you can drag and drop the hangouts into the sidebar. In fact, you can move any of the icons around to suit where you’d rather have them be. So now we see the hangouts. I’m going to click and it’ll take me to another screen. Then I’m going to come across the press ‘start a hangout’.

HOW TO: So this is the start a hangout screen. The first thing I want to do is to decide who to invite. So if I click in here, and you can see I have a few options. If I choose my circles, that would invite everybody that is in ‘my circles’. If I choose ‘public’, you’ll see here that this allows anyone on Google Plus in join. Once you share it ‘public’, it can’t be undone. So you have to use that one with care.

Or I could go ‘extended circles’. Extended circles is anyone who my circles have in their circles, and it will allow them to join the hangout. Alternatively I can just add in individual’s name. So for instance, I’ll add in Linda Dee. I can also add in an email address which is very useful for people who haven’t fully embraced Google Plus yet. So as it happens on this one, I’m going to invite a few people from a circle which I have here the Commoogling circle and go from there. Next I’m going to name the hang out. This is the Commoogling Hangout.